New Girl Group 1PS Is Pure and Innocent in Debut Album Jacket Photo

2014-02-26 17:19:52 2014-02-26 17:19:52

Rookie girl group 1PS has revealed the jacket image for their first digital single, “The First Score” along with a few other photos for their upcoming debut.

With just a day away from their debut, 1PS revealed their new concept for their title track “Because I’m A Girl.

The four members of 1PS, Seha, Jieun, Yoonseo and Yena give off a pure and innocent charm of a girl who has fallen in love.

1PS is said to have exceptional skills for both dancing and singing. “Because I’m A Girl” is set to be released on March 3 and the group will be making their debut performance on “M!Countdown” on February 27.

Meanwhile, check out the previous set of teaser images of 1PS that were released last week. 

What do you think of this new girl group?

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