Park Yoo Chun Wanted the Part in ‘”Three Days” as Soon as He Received the Script

2014-02-26 04:47:12 2014-02-26 04:47:12
park yoochun

Actor Park Yoo Chun shared his thoughts about being cast in SBS’ new Wednesday – Thursday drama, “Three Days.”

On February 26, Park Yoo Chun attended the production presentation of the drama held at the Imperial Palace Hotel located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. He said, “I strongly stated that I wanted to play a part in the drama as soon as I received the scrip last summer. I’m filming diligently with the sunbaes, I think the viewers will be able to see something new since there are many sophisticated action scenes compare to other dramas.”

In relation to his character, Park Yoo Chun said, “I’m learning a lot from the sunbaes on set. Although Han Tae Kyung is a character that is clearheaded and fearless of death, he is only human. I’m doing the best of my ability to express his emotional high and lows.”

Park Yoo Chun plays the role of Han Tae Kyung, a bodyguard that displays animal-like senses and tenacity. After the death of his father, he questions his beliefs, but he struggles in order to protect the president (Son Hyun Joo) with his bodyguard instincts.

“Three Days” portrays the story of the president who is under the threat of being assassinated and his bodyguard who works to keep him alive. Park Yoo Chun, Son Hyun Joo, Park Ha Sun, Yoon Jae Moon, Jang Hyun Sung, Choi Won Young, and So Yi Hyun will star in the drama. It will be replacing the timeslot for “Man from the Stars” on March 5.