CJ E&M Entertainment’s Mysterious Female Duo “Poot Poot” Debuts with “Freshman Song”

2014-02-27 20:41:13 2014-02-27 20:41:13

Mysterious two-member female group, Poot Poot debuted with, “Freshman Song” on CJ E&M Entertainment‘s official music channel! Without any teasers or fanfare, the music video was uploaded to CJ E&M Entertainment’s official YouTube channel on February 27. No other information about the members has been included with the video.

One girl plays a miniature keyboard and the other an acoustic guitar, as they stand by the signs of various universities and colleges and sing the “Freshman Song.” The cheerful melody is addictive and their sweet vocals complement each other well. 

The song lyrics describe the excitement of a college freshman’s first day of school and what activities a first day would entail, such as meeting other students for the first time. The music video also features cute cartoon versions of the girls playing their instruments. 

Check out the music video below!