Kim Soo Hyun Pays a Surprise Visit to Nam Ji Hyun’s “Angel Eyes” Set

2014-02-27 08:59:41 2014-02-27 08:59:41
kim soo hyun

Actress Nam Ji Hyun was recently surprised by previous co-star Kim Soo Hyun, who paid a sudden visit to the actress’ drama set.

On February 22, the handsome actor made an appearance at the set of SBS’ latest weekend drama “Angel Eyes.” Nam Ji Hyun expressed her feelings, “Soo Hyun oppa and I both acted in ‘It Will Snow for Christmas.’ Moreover, our drama and ‘Man from the Stars‘ are both based in Ilsan [satellite city of Seoul], so sometime when our schedules match, I was planning on greeting him first.”

“Until now our schedules didn’t really match, but as oppa came to the set, we greeted each other in a friendly manner. I am very thankful that he came to visit me first. I told him that I am watching ‘Man from the Stars’ well, and told him to stay strong until the end. Oppa also smiled and said to me, ‘Do well on our filming.’ I am very thankful for that,” the actress continued.

Kang Ha Neul, who also belongs to the cast of “Angel Eyes,” revealed, “I also greeted Soo Hyun hyung at the time. We both attended Joong Ang University‘s┬áTheater and Film Department, and even though I am young, I am the sunbae and he is the hoobae.”

“Angel Eyes” will take the time slot of “The Woman Who Married Three Times” after the latter ends, and will start airing in April. It will be a touching love story taking place between a couple, who reunite after 12 years.