Orange Caramel Members Packaged as Fish Products for Next “Catallena” Teaser

2014-02-27 18:03:52 2014-02-27 18:03:52

After School’s three-member subunit Orange Caramel (consisting of Lizzy, Nana, Raina) prove there is no limit to their creativity.

On February 28, Pledis Entertainment released a rather shocking teaser of the girls dressed as mermaids neatly packaged as food along with comedian Kim Dae Sung for their third single “Catallena.”

While the members are heavily marked down to 1,000 won (about 1 USD), the comedian on the far left is seen looking pretty happy at his original price of 78,000 won (about 78 USD). He has extra vegetable padding and octopus legs are coming out of his dress.

Meanwhile, “Catallena” will be available on March 12.

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