Rapper Swings Gives Powerful Live Performance of Motivating Song “Victorious 2” Feat. GRAY

2014-02-27 20:27:57 2014-02-27 20:27:57

Aggressive rapper Swings has come out with another powerful hip hop anthem “Victorious 2” detailing his determination and success. The song pumps you up, and it is great to listen to while working out. The song also features the smooth vocalist Gray.

The hip hop track “Victorious 2” begins with a classic Swings acapella rap and then slowly transitions into a strong beat with a synthesizer melody. The track ends with a nice change in the beat. 

For his new single “Victorious 2,” rapper Swings released a live performance video. The performance was recorded in the middle of a combat cage with boxing gloves hanging from it. The video features Swings and GRAY dressed in black as they groove around the ring. Enjoy the MV below.