Robot Girlfriend Appears in Yoon Jong Shin’s MV for Catchy Electronic Song “Thoughts”

2014-02-27 19:48:34 2014-02-27 19:48:34
yoon jong shing

Genius musician Yoon Jong Shin has teamed up with Team89 to create the catchy electronic song “Thoughts” for the month of February. The song features a strong bass beat and synthesizer filled melody. The song also features the fun hook from Lim Kim‘s song “All Right” and a clip from the single “Confession Couple” from the movie “Spring Bears Love” OST. The title of the track is written in Chinese characters. 

The MV for the single “Thoughts” includes the love and break up story of a couple. The boyfriend ends up creating a robot girlfriend to replace his human girlfriend. The video ends with the man and his robot girlfriend going on a date in the park.

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