Choi Won Young and Shim Lee Young Become Newlyweds

2014-02-28 19:12:25 2014-02-28 19:12:25

Actors Choi Won Young and Shim Lee Young vowed to be together forever on February 28 at the Coex Walkerhill Grand Ballroom in central Seoul.

At the press conference before their wedding, Choi Won Young expressed, “I was the one who asked her out first. I think I told her that maybe we can start to date just like any other normal couple.”

Upon hearing this, Shim Lee Young laughed and said, “He sounded so strong when he said those words.”

Choi Won Young also added, “When I first proposed to her, I had already prepared the ring in my car and asked her if she was ready to ride this car with me forever.”

The two met and acted as husband and wife on the MBC drama “A Hundred Years Legacy” last year. The two have already admitted that Shim Lee Young is pregnant, and has been so for the last 20 weeks.

It has been reported that the couple will postpone their honeymoon and instead, Choi Won Young will focus on his work for the drama “3 Days” and his newlywed wife will focus on her prenatal care.

Choi Won Young and Shim Lee Young at wedding press conference