Girl’s Day Minah Talks About the Stress of Trying a Sexy Image with “GQ Korea”

2014-02-28 13:01:14 2014-02-28 13:01:14

Girl’s Day member Minah recently interviewed and modeled for the latest issue of “GQ Korea” magazine. 

She told “GQ Korea,” “It was stressful to hear that my cute appearance didn’t necessarily go with the sexy concept I was going for. However, I think it’s only natural as time goes on that I eventually show my sexiness, since I’m a woman too. 

When asked if she makes an effort to look sexy, she replied, “When you make a cute face and a sexy face, you use different facial muscles. The muscles for cute expressions are near your eyes, and you don’t really use any facial movement for sexy expressions.” 

In related news, Girl’s Day wrapped up promotions for their successful hit, “Something” with an even hotter sexy concept! 

Check out her photos for the shoot below!