Kang Ho Dong to Host New Variety Show Involving Fan Club Competitions

2014-03-01 05:30:20 2014-03-01 05:45:07

With K-Pop’s growing influence, the fan culture has definitely evolved. In efforts to highlight the dynamics of fan clubs, Kang Ho Dong will lead a new MBC variety show that showcases competition between two fandoms. In regards to the new show, a broadcast insider expressed, “We are in the process of planning and organizing, as the show will portray a fresh format that has never been seen on television.” Kang Ho Dong will join forces with former “Radio Star” creator and writer Hwang Sun Young and producer Hwang Kyo Jin.

Despite the limited information about the new program, the decision by Kang Ho Dong to host the show indicates that we can anticipate a fun and interesting broadcast. Unlike the negative fanwars that occur through the anonymity of the internet, the show will create an exposed environment that allows fan clubs to challenge each other all for good-natured fun.

The MBC variety show will start recording in mid-March, while the first episode is set to broadcast in April.

Which idol fan club would you want to see on this show?