Lee Soo Kyung and Yoon Doo Joon Share Romantic Kiss on Drama “Let’s Eat”

2014-03-01 04:20:19 2014-03-01 04:52:52
lee soo kyung

Actors Lee Soo Kyung and Yoo Doo Joon share a first kiss in episode 14 of the drama “Let’s Eat.” The kiss finally revealed the true feelings that both characters had for each other in the drama.

In the kiss scene, Lee Soo Kyung covers her face so Yoo Doo Joon wouldn’t be able take a picture of her. Yoo Doo Joon then attempts to move her hands from her face, and goes in for an unexpected kiss. The kiss takes Lee Soo Kyung off guard, and her eyes light up with emotions.

Watch the two share a kiss in the scene below.

“Let’s Eat” is close its final episode and you can watch the drama on tvN at 11pm on Thursday.