Comedian Kim Sook Reveals Her Close Friendship with Actor Kim Woo Bin

2014-03-02 03:53:45 2014-03-02 03:53:45

Comedian Kim Sook recently surprised viewers with her friendly text message exchange with actor Kim Woo Bin

On the latest episode of KBS 2TV’s “Human Condition” that aired on March 1, Kim Sook mentioned Kim Woo Bin to Park Eun Young and even revealed their text message conversation while en route to their next destination. 

Kim Sook sent Kim Woo Bin a message that read, “Woo Bin, what kind of bread do you like?” to which he replied teasingly, “Sook bread? That’s a difficult one.” Then, Kim Sook and Park Eun Young spoke with Kim Woo Bin over the phone. 

During their phone conversation, Park Eun Young couldn’t hide her affection for Kim Woo Bin. Kim Sook noticed this and teased her by telling Kim Woo Bin that Park Eun Young was lonely and added, “Woo Bin, beware of [Park Eun Young], you should flee abroad.” 

Then Kim Sook and Kim Woo Bin ended their cute phone call with Kim Woo Bin saying, “Noona, remember not to reveal your number to the people sending you spam.”