Jun Ji Hyun’s Husband Captured by Hong Kong Paparazzi

2014-03-02 17:45:02 2014-03-02 17:45:02
Jun Ji Hyun's husband

A few weeks ago, it was reported Choi Joon Hyuk, husband to actress Jun Ji Hyun, created a buzz as his past photos resurfaced on various Korean online communities

With Jun Ji Hyun and SBS’ “Man From the Stars” popularity rising in the Chinese regions, her husband has been receiving attention as well.

In the photos taken by the Hong Kong paparazzi, Choi Joon Hyuk attracted attention as a Jang Dong Gun look-alike with his handsome looks. He seems to be on his way to the gym dressed in a hoodie while holding a basketball in his hand.

Choi Joon Hyuk is the grandson of hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) designer, Lee Young Hee, and the son of fashion designer Lee Jung Woo. He currently works for Bank of America in the U.S. showing off both good looks and wealth. It is said he and Jun Ji Hyun were friends since they were younger, and their friendship developed into a relationship when Jun Ji Hyun took care of him when he was sick. The two tied the knot last April. 

Jun Ji Hyun's husband