“Man From the Stars” Popularity Is Through the Roof in China

2014-03-02 05:03:04 2014-03-02 05:03:04

Even in China, the popularity of “Man From the Stars” is through the roof. 

One current events program on the Chinese station CCTV features a nine-minute corner titled “Professor Do, Are You From a Star?” On this program, they relay news that’s related to “Man From the Stars,” such as how four of the five most searched items on Chinese social networking sites Weibo and Baido are from the Korean show, and that the popularity of “Man From the Stars” is such that people are waiting in line for over two hours to buy Korean magazines and buy Korean fried chicken.

Following statistics from March 2, Jun Ji Hyun is the most searched personality on Weibo, and Kim Soo Hyun is 10th, with a follower count of over 4,600,000.

A college professor from Beijing said, “Do Min Joon from ‘Man From the Stars’ brought not just a simple interest in Korean culture, but a fever regarding Korean culture, habits, trends, and more to China, and it surpasses the level of a simple trend in society.”

With this crazy popularity, “Man From the Stars” has become not just a popular drama, but an opportunity to spread Korean culture around the world.