Watch BTOB’s Choreography Practice for “Beep Beep”

2014-03-02 22:35:58 2014-03-02 22:35:58

BTOB has been establishing themselves as a rising group, being nominated on music programs for their song “Beep Beep,” and grabbing the attentions of viewers with their unique choreography. Now, you can watch their dance practice as the group released their choreography practice video. On March 2, Cube Entertainment uploaded a video on their official YouTube channel that showed the members hard at work dancing away to their new song. Utilizing chairs and a sofa, the seven members showed their unique dance for the camera, even winking and smiling for the fans who would be watching the video. However, BTOB doesn’t only use the chairs or sofa, but they also display their synchronized choreography, matching their bodies to the beat.

The seven member group made their official comeback with their album, “Beep Beep” last February. Since their comeback, BTOB has been gaining recognition for both their vocals and fun choreography.

Check out the practice video below!