Brown Eyed Girls Celebrate 8th Debut Anniversary with Sexy and Fun Photos

2014-03-03 03:31:06 2014-03-03 03:31:06

One of the most talented girl groups in town, Brown Eyed Girls, celebrates their 8th debut anniversary in a way that befits their spirit- sexy and photo personal photos.

Member JeA uploaded onto her personal Twitter account today three photos of her group with the messages, “Congrats to Brown Eyed Girls 8th anniversary. Let’s go long” and “Cuties, I love you, Brown Eyed Girls!!!”  The photos show the members in various poses, from seductively sexy to just plain crazy. In one photo, member Narsha seems to hiding underneath a white sheet for no apparent reason while the other members try to seduce the camera. Love the Brown Eyed Girls!

Brown Eyed Girls debuted in 2006 with their first album “Your Story” and catapulted to mass appeal with their 2009 track, “Abracadabra.” Most recently, the  group has been focusing on individual and sub-unit activities, with Ga In’s most recent “Truth or Dare” album.

Wishing Brown Eyed Girls eight more years and more!