Sunny Takes Candid Photo with Famed KBS Reporter

2014-03-04 10:11:24 2014-03-04 10:11:42

Girls’ Generation member Sunny recently took a candid photo with KBS reporter, Park Dae Ki

On March 3, Sunny shared the photo to her Instagram with the caption, “With reporter Park Dae Ki. This is our second interview together. Be sure to watch KBS’ “9 o’ Clock News” (It’ll be good news of course).” 

In the photo, Sunny and the reporter have their arms linked while smiling for the camera. 

On that day, when Sunny was being interviewed on KBS’ “9 o’ Clock News” she shared, “To be honest, to hear people calling you the best is slightly burdensome, among other titles. We’ll do our best to live up to those expectations.” 

Sunny and the rest of the members of Girl’s Generation will be holding their first stage performance on Mnet’s “M! Countdown” on March 6.