Yoo In Na and IU’s Strong Friendship Reflected through OnStyle’s “Get It Beauty”

2014-03-04 23:34:15 2014-03-04 23:34:15

A recent selfie of Yoo In Na and her BFF IU has been widely circulating the Web.

Cable channel OnStyle‘s “Get It Beauty” revealed this selfie of the show’s new MC Yoo In Na and her special guest IU through its official Facebook page.

Yoo In Na and IU are sitting next to each other, peering at the camera with bright smiles. IU is holding up a “Get It Beauty” script as the two friends pose with peace signs.

yoo in na iu 030413

Yoo In Na and IU are widely known to be very close friends. They acted as sisters in “You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin” in the past year.

Yoo In Na commented, “IU receives love from the entire nation but to me, she acts like a little kid next door. But what I’m thankful for is that IU comes running to me wherever I am, even though it is work for her. Thanks to her, I was able to film my first ‘Get It Beauty’ show with ease.”

IU also remarked, “In the past, I’ve always said that Yoo In Na would do really well on a beauty program. After filming the first episode with Yoo In Na as the MC, I think the show will be a big hit.”