Actor Jang Hyuk Renews Contract with Sidus HQ

2014-03-05 02:08:27 2014-03-05 02:08:27
Jang Hyuk

Actor Jang Hyuk displayed his loyalty and decided to renew his contract with his agency, Sidus HQ. On March 5, the actor signed the renewal of his contract with Jung Hoon Tak, CEO of one of the biggest actor management companies to continue their 18 years of partnership. This is a very rare sight to see especially nowadays where many celebrities leave their agencies due to various reasons.

A representative of Sidus HQ stated, “We are touched by Jang Hyuk’s loyalty towards Jung Hoon Tak CEO and for being with us for 18 years since his debut. We hope to become good partners that will help each other grow, and we will do our best to support our actor.”

Jang Hyuk attracted much attention though his appearance of MBC’s “Real Men” as a “hot blooded soldier” last year. He also expanded his career as a writer in the film “The Flu” and his autobiography, “Jang Hyuk’s Hot-Blooded Young Man.”

Moreover, Jang Hyuk starred in his first suspense-mellow film, “The Thorn” playing the role of a physical education teacher, Junki. He is expected to show a new side of himself portraying the complex mentality and emotional changes of his character with delicate details. The film is expected to release sometime in April.