Gary Reveals His Ideal Type of Girl, “Innocent At Day, Sexy At Night”

2014-03-05 14:18:50 2014-03-05 14:18:50

Leessang’s Gary revealed his ideal type of girl on the SBS show “Night of TV Entertainment” on February 5. During his interview, the singer first started by thanking fans abroad who recognized him through the showRunning Man.”

When asked whether he could use his name “Gary” abroad, the singer answered, “In Japan, the name Gary means diarrhea. But I will still use that name if I get the chance to perform in Japan. So what if it means, diarrhea. I’m just thankful that they’re calling me.”

Gary continued on, and this time on talking about love, he said, “I always try at love. My ideal type would be someone who is innocent at day but a bit sexy at night. I feel like as I’m getting older every day and become more honest, I tend to like sexier girls.”

Gary at Night of TV Entertainment