Hip Hop Duo Baechigi Is Planning a Comeback for Later This Month

2014-03-05 11:13:14 2014-03-05 11:13:14

Hip hop duo Baechigi, who was second overall on the charts in 2013 with “Shower of Tears,” is making their first comeback since about a year and two months ago.

Only second to PSY’s “Gentleman,” “Shower of Tears” featuring Ailee was in the top 50 for 14 weeks straight, and was #1 in number of downloads among all of the songs released in 2013 in Korea.

According to a music industry official on March 5, Baechigi is wrapping up their music production, with a comeback in mind for later this month.

The duo received a lot of love last year, winning several awards, like the Golden Disk Hip Hop Award, MAMA’s Discovery of the Year, and Melon Music’s Rap-Hip Hop Award.

This time around, Baechigi has put an emphasis on their own unique style, and will be back at it again. All eyes are on Baechigi to see if they can recreate the success they had with last year’s “Shower of Tears.”