Lizzy Gives a Sneak Peek of Orange Caramel’s Outfit Concept

2014-03-05 09:06:24 2014-03-05 09:06:24

Lizzy of After School and Orange Caramel has teased her fans about the unit group’s upcoming comeback.

On March 4, she left a message on her Twitter saying, “For those people who could not see the mermaid in detail due to her being wrapped up in plastic wrap…. Okay, the comeback will be next week. Wow wow wow. Also, I am a shrimp sushi,” and uploaded a selca with her posing in the outfit referred to in her tweet.

In the first photo, she is flashing her cute side by pouting her lips, while in the second picture, she is posing in a bright and pretty manner. She is wearing one of the concept outfits of their upcoming album, and the intriguing texture of her dress imitating fish scales hints that their stage costumes will be just as entertaining as in the past. 

Just a few days ago, Orange Caramel made headlines with their new teaser images, which feature the members in sushi-inspired costumes and wrapped up in plastic wrap

The unique unit group’s third single “Catallena” will be released on March 12.