Shin Min Ah Is a Chic Goddess in Harper’s Bazaar

2014-03-05 21:57:40 2014-03-05 21:57:40
Shin Min Ah for Harper's Bazaar

Set pictures from Actress Shin Min Ah’s pictorial shoot for Harper’s Bazaar were recently released on March 4.

Shin Min Ah was doing a shoot for Italian bag brand Zanellato’s Spring/Summer collection. She became the brand’s main model in 2014.

She’s pictured here in three different outfits, all styled differently with the bag as the main point of focus. In the first picture, she is elegantly dressed with a coat over her shoulders and delicate heels, while in the second picture, Shin Min Ah looks chic in black from head to toe, except for her white cropper blazer.

The final picture depicts the actress in street casual attire, with a trench coat over black skinny jeans, sneakers and a bright blue beanie. Shin Min Ah continues to look every bit the fashionista, no matter what she wears.

A representative stated, “She was very professional despite the long filming session, invigorating the set with her vitality and energy.”

Shin Min Ah’s pictorial shoot for Zanellato’s 2014 S/S collection can be found in the March edition of Harper’s Bazaar.

Shin Min Ah for Harper's Bazaar
Shin Min Ah for Harper's Bazaar