CEMA Is Against Park Shi Hoo’s Return to the Industry

2014-03-06 09:44:23 2014-03-06 09:44:23

The Corea Entertainment Management Association (CEMA) recently shared their stance on Park Shi Hoo‘s return to the industry.

On March 5, CEMA stated, “We want to express our stance on the matters regarding Park Shi Hoo in an ethical sense for the rightful growth of Korea’s enertainment industry. Park Shi Hoo is someone who has raised a societal concern and public criticism not too long ago.”

“Although the case has ended legally, Park Shi Hoo is trying to return to the industry without morally gaining societal consent. Despite having been part of this problematic case, Park Shi Hoo is asking for the public to understand. He has not been reflecting long enough so he should not be returning yet,” they continued.

CEMA continued to mention the importance of improving the quality of Korean entertainment since the interest and love that the public have, especially the young people, are quickly growing day by day.

Recently, the media has been making reports on Park Shi Hoo’s possible return through a KBS drama. However, it was later announced that he will not be joining the drama and that Uhm Ki Joon took the role.

Last year, Park Shi Hoo was involved in an ugly legal battle involving accusations of sexually assaulting a celebrity trainee.

Soompiers, do you think Park Shi Hoo should come back soon? A little later? A lot later? Share your thoughts below!