Lee Min Ho’s Warm Charisma Shines in Latest Outdoor Brand CF Stills

2014-03-06 21:23:45 2014-03-06 21:23:45
lee min ho

Be prepared to have your hearts melt as Lee Min Ho‘s latest CF stills for the outdoor brand Eider have been released!

Lee Min Ho, who is the official model for the French outdoor brand Eider, has revealed the CF stills for the 2014 S/S line.

In the photos, Lee Min Ho emits that special aura that only he has. His charismatic and experienced poses makes you believe tha you’re in the great outdoors right with him! Lee Min Ho’s handsome features and great physique bring out the best of the outdoors attire that he is sporting.

He also shows the soft side of spring in one of the stills as he is sitting underneath a tree with a warm smile.

Lee Min Ho travelled to the beautiful country of New Zealand for this shoot. Some of Eider’s new 2014 S/S items include the “Defender” windbreaker and the “Light Walk” running shoes. This CF will air on TV starting from March 12.

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