Shin Min Ah Becomes Muse for Jewelery Brand STONEHENgE

2014-03-06 22:18:24 2015-04-28 23:35:19

Actress Shin Min Ah has become the new model for the jewelry brand STONEHENgE. In matching with the overall wedding theme of the pictorial, Shin Min Ah can be seen smiling brightly towards the camera dressed in a simple yet elegant-looking wedding dress.

Apparently, as soon as the pictures got out, future bridesmaids picked STONEHENgE’s collection as their favorite and sales have soared.

A representative of the brand state, “For 2014, we wanted focus on femininity and purity which is why we picked Shin Min Ah to model for us. For the coming wedding season of spring and summer, we prepared various promotions as well.”

Shin Min Ah becomes a muse for jewellery brand Stonehenge

In other news, Shin Min Ah is to be partnered with fellow actor Jo Jeong Seok for their movie that’s coming out this year, “My Love, My Bride.”