SISTAR’s Bora as an Ordinary College Student

2014-03-06 12:33:32 2014-03-06 12:33:32

Bora, member of girl group SISTAR, returned to her life as a college student.

On March 5, the singer posted on her Twitter account, “Spring Semester has begun! Today’s class is to watch the musical, ‘Mama Mia!’ Everyone cheer up!” along with a photo of herself. In the photo, Bora is seen dressed in comfortable attire.

Bora poses in the subway station while on her way to watch “Mama Mia!” She attracted attention as an ordinary college student – a different side of herself as a member of a sexy girl group.

Bora is currently attending Myungji University as a musical theater major. She recently was cast in SBS’ new Monday – Tuesday drama, “Doctor Stranger,” which is scheduled to begin airing in April.  

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