Girls’ Generation Leader Taeyeon Says She Wants to Appear on “Witch Hunt”

2014-03-08 03:19:14 2014-03-08 03:19:14

Girls’ Generation leader Taeyeon recently revealed that she’s a huge fan of the JTBC show “Witch Hunt.”

The singer appeared on JTBC’s “Entertainment News,” where scenes of Taeyeon recording JTBC’s 2014 campaign song, “Colorful,” were revealed.

On the day of the filming, Taeyeon said, “On JTBC, I’m enjoying the show ‘Surgeon,’ featuring Kim Hee Chul, and ‘Witch Hunt.’” She added a little tidbit on her fellow agency artist, “Kim Hee Chul is the person that is most like his actual self on television.” The Girls’ Generation leader also revealed that she wants to guest appear on “Witch Hunt.” She said, “But, that guests have to talk about a lot of [revealing] things on the show is overwhelming, so I’d like to just be a part of the studio audience.” Also on “Entertainment News” were scenes from after the recording of “Colorful,” and an interview with Taeyeon about Girls’ Generation’s new album.

This broadcast of JTBC’s “Entertainment News” will air on the night of March 7 at 9:50PM (KST).