Kahi Reunited with After School for 400th Episode of “Music Core”

2014-03-08 05:32:54 2014-03-08 05:32:54

Kahi will be performing with After School for the first time in two years after she graduated from the group! Kahi has gone on to release her own solo album as well. 

On March 8, Pledis Entertainment made the following announcement via Twitter, “For the 400th broadcast of ‘Music Core!’ We are PLEDIS Family: Kahi, After School, Uee and can you guess who the [last] person is?” and included a photo.The photo reveals After School members, Kahi and Nu’est’s Ren posing happily together.

It has been two years since Kahi graduated and moved on from the group, but for the special 400th episode of “Music Core,” the graduated member reunited with her group to perform one of their earlier hits, “Bang.” Having returned from shooting a drama, Uee is the only one seen in ordinary clothes. Nu’est’s Ren is also dressed up as a female and seen in the background!

You can watch clips from the 400th episode here, which include the After School and Ren’s “Boy’s Day” performances, plust more.