100% Releases Goth Portrait Teasers for Comeback Single “My Heart Beats”

2014-03-09 22:34:12 2014-03-09 22:34:12

Boy group 100% has released a second wave of goth themed teasers for their upcoming second mini album and comeback single “My Heart Beats.” The new teasers feature a close up picture and a full body shot picture of each member. Their new album will be released on March 17 and they will have their comeback performance on the March 13 episode of Mnet’s M! Countdown.

Member Changbum has blonde hair and studded gloves in his teaser photo.


Member Rockhyun has green eyes in his photo below.


Red haired Jonghwan holds his heart as he sits on the floor.


Member Hyukjin gives a tough look at the camera.


Member Chanyong is wrapped in chains in his teaser photo.


Which member’s teaser image did you like? Let us know below.

See their first wave of teasers here.