B1A4 Establishes Archery Skills on “Let’s Go! Dream Team”

2014-03-09 01:50:24 2014-03-09 01:52:45

The March 9 broadcast of KBS2TV’s “Let’s Go! Dream Team” had a special competition between the Dream Team members and boy group B1A4. With actor Park Jae Min joining the B1A4 team, the boy group member’s Sandeul, Gong Chan, and CNU went against Dream Team that consisted of Lee Sang In, Shorry, Jin On, and Lee Sang Ho to establish the best team of archers.

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As the B1A4 team had won both the first and second rounds, the third round displayed the amazing skills of the B1A4 members (as well as Park Jae Min.) Both Park Jae Min and Gong Chan, who went first and second respectively, earned 10 points causing the Dream Team to panic. Furthermore, Sandeul earned 8 points while CNU earned 9 points, calculating the group’s total points to 37, beating Dream Team that had recorded 33 points. Thus, B1A4 showcased their talents by defeating the Dream Team in all three rounds. 

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