Crucial Star and Girl’s Day Sojin Release Jazzy Duet “Three Things I Want to Give You” (MV)

2014-03-09 21:00:20 2014-03-09 21:00:20
crucial star

Hip hop musician Crucial Star has released his new single “Three Things I Want to Give You” feat Sojin of Girl’s Day. The new single is a mellow and relaxing jazz tune, and the two artists show that they can make a great duet. Sojin‘s sweet vocals go well with Crucial Star‘s relaxed rap flow to create a lovely song. After the success of Soyu and Junggigo’s duetSome,” can this similar song be the next hit?

The music video is filmed in an art gallery and features actor Lee Si Hyun and beautiful model Lee Jin Kyung. The characters look at each other through an old video camera, and the actors turn into 2d images. Watch the fun music video below.