Girls’ Generation’s YoonA and Sooyoung Cautiously Sidestep the Subject of Their Boyfriends

2014-03-09 04:11:13 2014-03-09 04:11:13

2014 started with two major dating news for Girls’ Generation. It was revealed that members YoonA was dating fellow singer Lee Seung Gi, while Sooyoung was dating actor Jung Kyung Ho. Now, with the girls having made their comeback, it was inevitable that their boyfriends would be mentioned.

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On the March 8 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly,” Girls’ Generation appeared on the show’s guerilla date, meeting fans outside while eating food inside. During the date, when the interviewer asked member Yuri why Sooyoung was becoming prettier, Yuri responded, “Because she’s receiving love,” and formed a heart with her hands. Furthermore, when YoonA was later asked if she expressed her worries to Lee Seung Gi, YoonA jokingly responded, “Who’s that?  I don’t know him.” Although the girls were able to avoid deeper conversation about their significant others, it’s new and refreshing to see idol girl groups being openly addressed about their boyfriends.

Perhaps the seven years veteran girl group Girls’ Generation can change the public’s strict perception on open dating policies. Currently, Girls’ Generation are promoting their new song, “Mr. Mr.” after making their comeback on March 6.

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