MBLAQ Releases First Set of Concept Photos for Upcoming “Broken” Mini Album

2014-03-09 19:11:56 2014-03-09 19:11:56

Boy group MBLAQ surprised viewers with their stunning new look when they released concept images for their upcoming sixth mini album titled “Broken.” 

All the members of MBLAQ looks sleek and sophisticated in well-tailored suits and clean-cut hair. Their images are overlaid with a filter imitating broken glass, creating a rainbow effect of colors. The boys portray with their angry and hard gazes how a heart can grow cold when broken.

J.Tunes Camp commented, “Through this album, we plan to show the high quality and the unique color of MBLAQ. Please look forward to more releases from this album that will be revealed one by one.”

“Broken” drops March 24.

mblaq broken concept image 5

mblaq broken concept image 4

mblaq broken concept image 3

mblaq broken concept image 2

mblaq broken concept image 1