Still Images of Mournful Park Yoochun on “Three Days”

2014-03-09 13:33:15 2014-03-09 13:33:15
Three Days

Stills of JYJ’s Park Yoochun on SBS’ Wednesday – Thursday drama, “Three Days” was revealed.

On March 9, a photo was uploaded to JYJ’s official Facebook page with the message, “Behind-the-scenes image of Park Yoochun on ‘Three Days.’ We can’t wait for next Wednesday!”

In one photo, Park Yoochun is dressed in mourning clothes as he gazes into a portrait of the deceased. In another, he sits despondently, the mood enhanced by the monochromatic filter. His longing gaze and sincerity in the scene while deep in his character captured the interest of many people. 

Meanwhile, “Three Days” portrays the story of the president who disappears after leaving for a vacation at his vacation home. Park Yoochun plays the role of the president’s bodyguard Han Tae Kyung.  

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