Trio Monsterz Releases 2nd Dance Teaser for Party Track “All Ready Go Lady”

2014-03-09 22:14:21 2014-03-10 00:41:11

Three member group Monsterz has released teaser two for their upcoming single “All Ready Go Lady.” The title comes from the popular trot song of the same name. The teaser features various dancers free styling to a fast party beat. There is a brief introduction for each dancer, and the dancers come from all types of styles ranging from ball room dancing to break dancing.

Monsterz upcoming track will be released on March 11, and they will be making their comeback on the March 13 episode of Mnet’s M! Countdown. The trio will also perform on KBS’s Music Bank and SBS’s Inkigayo.

Here is the performance of the original version of the popular trot song “All Ready Go Lady.” Will the new version sound similar?

You can watch the first teaser for the single here.