4Minute Reveals “Tuesday” Teaser Images for Comeback

2014-03-10 19:20:09 2014-03-10 19:20:09

Earlier, it was announced that 4Minute would be making their official comeback on March 17. As the five girls will be releasing their fifth mini album, “4Minute World,” Cube Entertainment has been revealing a series of teaser images on their official Facebook that portray the girls posing in Polaroid photos. With the girls returning with the title track, “What Are You Doing Today?” the teaser images have seemingly documented 4Minute’s daily activities.


The new teaser images that were released on March 11 portrayed the girls having fun at the Han River, camping out with snacks and lighting up spark sticks. The diary-like documentation of 4Minute’s activities gives few hints about the upcoming comeback song and concept. However, fans can still expect an exciting, catchy melody as “What Are You Doing Today?” is another collaboration between 4Minute and Brave Brothers.

We can’t wait to see what 4Minute has in store for us!