Actress Kim Hee Ae Personally Asked Yoo Ah In to Join “Secret Love Affair”

2014-03-10 01:06:51 2014-03-10 01:06:51

Actress Kim Hee Ae recently revealed how Yoo Ah In joined the drama, “Secret Love Affair.” 

In her interview with “MBN Star,” Kim Hee Ae revealed the story behind Yoo Ah In’s casting for “Secret Love Affair.” 

She said, “I first noticed Yoo Ah In in the film, ‘Punch’ and his acting was so great. He has such charm.” 

She also mentioned first working with him in “Elegant Lies,” where Yoo Ah In made a cameo appearance as a bachelor living next door.

“Yoo Ah In worked as hard as any other actor, as though there wasn’t just one main actor. Usually, it’s difficult for actors to let go of a certain way they present themselves, but Yoo Ah In had no problem putting in the extra effort. He would monitor all of his scenes dutifully and it definitely left an impression,” she added.

She continued, “For this drama, Yoo Ah In plays the role of a genius pianist very charismatically. When I first saw the script, I looked forward to seeing who would play it. There were plenty of young actors who were also interested in this role. When the people in charge of casting could not reach Yoo Ah In to ask him if he’d like to accept the role, they asked me to contact him. To be honest, I hadn’t said a word to him during the filming for ‘Elegant Lies,’ so I was a bit worried. Fortunately, Yoo Ah In quickly answered the phone. When I asked Yoo Ah In about the part, it turned out that he had been interested in it too. So that’s how we ended up working on it together.” 

“Secret Love Affair” airs on JTBC Mondays and Tuesdays at 9:50 PM KST starting March 17.