Hello Venus’ Yoo Ara Joins Cast of “Golden Rainbow”

2014-03-10 18:53:03 2014-03-10 18:56:07

Hello Venus’ Yoo Ara joined the cast of “Golden Rainbow.”

Yoo Ara will be playing the secretary to Young Won (played by Park Sun Ho) who is the youngest brother of Baek Won (played by Uee). This will be Yoo Ara’s first time acting in a traditional drama.

Park Sun Ho is a model-turned rookie actor. He will be playing the role of Young Won, who has gone missing as a child but recently returned. Young Won is the character that was the subject of conflict between Baek Won and Man Won (played by Lee Jae Yoon), since Baek Won believed that it was Man Won’s fault that Young Won got lost.

In the drama, Young Won got adopted by an American family after he was lost but has returned to Korea. Yoo Ara plays his secretary from America.

“Golden Rainbow” is steadily receiving good ratings, with its last record being 15.3%.

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