Watch the Music Video for Ji Sehee’s “Burst out Crying,” a Song Composed by Kangta

2014-03-10 20:09:05 2014-03-10 20:09:05
burst out crying

Former Mnet’s “Voice Korea” contestant Ji Sehee released her first mini-album titled “Blooming,” and the music video encompassed the emotions of the song. On March 11, LOUDers Entertainment revealed the music video for “Burst out Crying,” a song that illustrates the heart breaking separation between a man and woman. Notably, the song was composed by none other than Kangta, stirring the attention of music listeners. Furthermore, Ji Sehee received help from singer Lee Jung, as the veteran singer took part in producing and editing the music video.

As the one take music video concept has been quite popular with dance idols, “Burst out Crying” also utilized the one take camera work for the ballad song by following the man and woman throughout their break up. Check out the music video for “Burst out Crying” to listen to Ji Sehee’s beautiful vocals mesh with the song composed by Kangta and the music video produced by Lee Jung.