Baek A Yeon Hits Her Head on the Table When Drinking?

2014-03-11 10:41:40 2014-03-11 10:41:40
baek ah yeon

Singer Baek A Yeon‘s drinking habits were revealed by DickpunksKim Tae Hyun.

Baek A YeonKim Tae Hyun and Son Seung Yeon were guests on MBC FM4U’s “Song Request of the Midday” on March 11, hosted by MC and comedian Kim Shin Young. Together they took their time to answer various questions sent by the listeners.

One listener asked, “What are your drinking habits?” and the question was quickly addressed by Kim Shin Young, who said, “A Yeon turns cuter when she drinks. She shows off her talents.” Kim Tae Hyun confirmed the claim, “She can’t hold body together and she constantly hits her head on the table,” revealing more of the young singer’s hilarious tendencies. 

“Also, A Yeon smiles a lot. If people are talking about serious topics, she is smiling sneakily,” the MC added and made even the person in question confused.

After hearing what others had to say, Baek A Yeon agreed as she said, “Everything is right. I can’t control myself or anything,” but continued to reveal, “Tae Hyun oppa gets excited when he drinks. He smiles quite a lot.”

Can you picture these four people drinking?

baek ah yeon