G-Dragon and CL Collaborates Skrillex for “Dirty Vibe”

2014-03-11 02:15:31 2014-03-11 02:15:31

YG artists Big Bang‘s G-Dragon and 2NE1‘s CL collaborated with American electronic musician Skrillex for the song “Dirty Vibe.”

“Dirty Vibe” is one of the tracks off of Skrillex’s newest album, “Recess.” “Dirty Vibe” has the distinct Skyrillex composition and sound, but also with G-Dragon and CL’s signature rapping styles. The Korean rappers use a mix of Korean and English for their raps. The song was shared through Soundcloud, which you can listen to here:

This is not the first time Skrillex and G-Dragon has worked together. In September of last year, Skrillex participated in G-Dragon’s “Coup D’etat.” 

CL is currently busy promoting 2NE1’s newest album, and recently released the music videos for “Happy’ and “Come Back Home.”