Lyn Talks About OSTs with Jo In Sung and Kim Soo Hyun

2014-03-11 15:51:21 2014-03-11 15:51:21

Lyn has recently shared her thoughts on Jo In Sung, Kim Soo Hyun and her success with drama OSTs.

On March 10, Lyn was a guest on the KBS Cool FM “Jo Jung Chi and Hareem’s 2 o’Clock.

The DJs asked, “For which actor’s drama would you like to sing the OST?” Lyn answered, “I want to sing for a drama that stars Jo In sung. I am friends with him and we sometimes talk on the phone too. Although it’s been over a year since we talked on the phone, we still keep up with each other.”

She continued, “Jo In Sung is like no other person who exists in this world. He is like a monster in a legend.” Jo Jung Chi laughed at that comment and said, “Are you calling Jo In Sung a monster?”

Lyn explained, “Even when he’s not talking, it’s not he’s not part of reality. He is so gentle and such a smart actor. I would love it if my voice could be in the background of a drama that he is in. Dragons and legendary monsters are such charismatic and awesome creatures.”

Lyn also talked about her recent success with “My Destiny” from the “Man from the Stars” OST. “Since the drama starred very famous people, I knew it would be somewhat successful but I didn’t know this many people would love it,” she said as she expressed her gratitude.

Jo Jung Chi then asked, “Don’t you think you got some benefits from Kim Soo Hyun being in that drama?” Lyn answered, “Of course. I also sang ‘Back In Time’ for Kim Soo Hyun’s drama ‘Moon that Embraces the Sun.'”

She continued, “I said that I wanted to sing a duet with Kim Soo Hyun during a recent interview. He is such a great singer. If he’s an actor, he should only be good at acting but I don’t know how he’s so good at singing too!”

Meanwhile, Lyn recently released her 8th studio album “Le Grand Bleu” for the first time in two years.