“SNL Korea” Skit on Adoptee Stirs Anger and Controversy Around the World

2014-03-11 21:34:44 2014-03-11 21:34:44

A recent “SNL Korea” skit about an adopted Korean man is stirring anger and controversy in both Korea and overseas.

On March 8, “SNL Korea” aired a 4 minute-30 second skit titled “Going to Meet You Now. Jason Dooyoung Anderson.” After the video clip of this skit hit the Web, criticism has been pouring in.

The skit is about a Korean adoptee named Jason Dooyoung Anderson, who is waiting at the airport to be reunited with his Korean birth mother. While he waits, he reads a letter that he wrote to her.

He read, “Nice to meet you, mother. I’m Jason Dooyoung Anderson. Why did you leae me? Were you that butt poor? If you leave your child, it’s a sin. But I’m okay. Because I met you. I heard from my American mother. The reason for my high alcohol tolerance is because I resemble my Korean mother.”

The skit tried to bring humor through the adoptees poor Korean pronunciation, exaggerated facial expressions and body movements. It also tried to bring laughs by making the alcohol tolerance reference. The skit ends with Jason saying, “Let’s never be apart” and hugging his mother.

After seeing this skit, many people reacted about the poor judgment of the “SNL Korea” writers and directors.

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Some of the comments include:

“SNL Korea, I see you made a broadcast to laugh and have fun while watching the poor Korean skills of an adoptee. If this was done overseas, the director would’ve been fired. A satire about the strong is allowed but a satire about the weak is usually not allowed but here, they’re only satirizing the weak.”

“SNL Korea, you made a skit about Korean adoptees. But did your good sense go on vacation? This is why you hear our country’s level of consciousness is low. Some of those people have many scars. There are things that can be satirized but not this. Please apologize.”

“We are waiting for the letter of apology, intent to punish those involved and official statement all in English from SNL Korea.”

“This is a cruel attack on all adoptees and their families all over the world.”

“I am a Korean adoptee who has been reunited with my family and what an insensitive portrayal of Korean adoptees and birth parent – child reunions. Both sides experience an array of emotions and painful experiences just like any forcefully separated family would. This is just not funny?”

Meanwhile, “SNL Korea” season 5 left out their skit on political satire and lowered the age restriction to 15+. This particular episode came out on #1 on the cable ratings.

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