Toheart’s Key and Woohyun Have Never Fought, Is It Time Now?

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Of course we don’t want new unit group Toheart’s Key and Woohyun to fight, but hearing the subtle jabs of the MCs at the duo’s showcase definitely made us laugh. On March 10, SHINee’s Key and INFINITE’s Woohyun held a showcase for their new unit group, Toheart. As the group released their album, “The 1st Mini Album,” on the same day, fans were pleasantly surprised to see the refreshing and new performance of the group’s new song, “Delicious.”

However, what was more hilarious was to watch the showcase MCs make jokes on the possible deterioration of Key’s and Woohyun’s friendship. As SHINee’s Minho and INFINITE’s Sunggyu were the night’s special MCs, the fellow group members’ inside knowledge of Toheart made it fun to watch the hilarious teasing that ensued. When Toheart claimed that they had never fought before, Minho stated, “It is right at this moment that you fight. Honestly, I first fought with Key around this time in our relationship. Furthermore, since you promote with each other constantly, it’s inevitable that you fight with each other.” Moreover, Sunggyu also added, “Since you’re together for 24 hours, you tend to fight. When you’re around guys, it’s inevitable to have some conflict. Honestly, Woohyun and I always fight. We bicker often.” Lastly, Minho acknowledged, “There’s no difference with other teams,” stirring laughter at the mischievous MCs. In the end, both Minho and Sunggyu expressed to Toheart, “You two will ultimately have conflict,” but not without their teasing smirks.

No worries though, all comments were made jokingly as Minho and Sunggyu’s double teaming, mischievous remarks were all said to tease Toheart. As Key and Woohyun first met three years ago on a radio broadcast, we’ve seen the two singer’s friendship remain strong. As Toheart continues to promote “Delicious,” we hope that their friendship grows even more!

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