Changmin and Yunho Argued a Lot After Becoming Duo

2014-03-12 08:25:53 2014-03-12 08:25:53
Beatle's Code 3-D

TVXQ’s Changmin revealed the reason why he and Yunho argued so much when they first became a duo.

TVXQ and Rose Motel appeared as guests on the March 11 episode of Mnet’s “Beatle’s Code 3-D.” On the show Changmin said about Yunho, “The hyung I knew in a group of five members was very different from the hyung I had to be with one-on-one. We had to accept everything about each other and understand each other. I didn’t understand why I had to be responsible. We fought a lot four years ago.” 

Yunho added, “We argued a lot in the beginning, but our relationship grew stronger.” 

Changmin further explained, “We argued over little things. Things like drinking with our lips on the plastic bottle and putting our feet against the seat in the car with our shoes on. I let my emotions pile on. But now, I express how I feel on the spot. I would make fun saying things like, ‘Hyung, that video was funny,’ and we naturally grew closer. “
Beatle's Code 3-D