Crayon Pop Takes Off Helmet and Dons Hanbok for Upcoming New Single

2014-03-12 14:09:21 2014-03-12 14:09:21

Crayon Pop will be taking off their helmets and donning Korean traditional attire instead.

On March 12, Chrome Entertainment stated, “Crayon Pop’s comeback will start with their showcase on March 29 at the Gwanghamun Square. The stage costumes for this new song was brought from the hanbok. We are planning to revitalize the beauty of Korea’s traditional wear. Crayon Pop will not be wearing helmets.”

The showcase is planned to be held at around rush hour when people get out of work. This is to cheer up the hard workers at the end of their day.

Crayon Pop has led a “Bar Bar Bar” syndrome across the nation last year and their holiday single “Lonely Christmas” proved to be a hit as well. Therefore, many people are very excited to see Crayon Pop’s new single.

According to reports, Crayon Pop finished recording on March 10 and are finalizing the last details of their overall concept.

The new single is produced by Kang Jin Woo, who worked on Crayon Pop’s “Dancing Queen” and “Saturday Night.” It is said to have a bright and energetic melody as well as hopeful lyrics.

Crayon Pop’s first stage will be held on April 3 on Mnet’s “M!Countdown.”