[Exclusive] Lunafly’s Sam Drops Self-Filmed Reality Show “Sam Cam” for Soompiers!

2014-03-12 06:05:45 2014-05-01 16:38:07

Lunafly fans, rejoice!

Lunafly recently made a comeback with title track “Special Guy” featuring labelmate Miryo from Brown Eyed Girls. The bass and rhythmical synth is more present than their previous songs, but they keep the acoustic element incorporating acoustic guitar chords and lead guitar riffs.

For their comeback, Soompi teamed up with Nega Network to bring fans a special mini series titled “Sam Cam” where Sam goes around with a camera to record while they chill around.

Without further ado, check out part one of the mini series! Remember to click on the Captions button for English, French, Spanish, Portuguese subs!

Sam Cam~ Stay tuned for the next episode, which will be out next week. ^^

And check out their music video for “Special Guy” if you haven’t yet! Remember to show the boys some big loving by commenting, retweeting, sharing.. you got the idea!