Girls’ Generation Jessica Reportedly Dating Korean-American CEO, SM Denies

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Following a report that Girls’ Generation member Jessica is currently involved in a romantic relationship, her agency, SM Entertainment, has denied such claims.

Local news outlet WOW-TV reported earlier that Jessica follows YoonA and Sooyoung as another Girls’ Generation member currently involved in a romantic relationship. It reported that Jessica is currently dating a Korean-American named Tyler Kwon (Korean name Kwon Nyoung Il). He graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in economics, and is currently, according to his bio on Coridel Capital Partner‘s website, “the Chairman and CEO of Coridel Group, which consists of Coridel Capital Partners, a global alternative asset management firm; Coridel Entertainment, an independent production company and Coridel Foundation, a nonprofit organization that establishes children’s homes and promotes orphan care and adoption” He is a well-acquainted figure in the Korean entertainment industry already, as he came to Seoul last year for the premiere of the film “G.I. Joe 2” and is friends with many Korean stars, such as G-Dragon.

tyler kwon g-dragon

According to WOW-TV, Jessica met Tyler Kwon for the first time in Hong Kong last year and started going out. Jessica flew between Hong Kong and Korea to see Tyler Kwon. There are reports of people seeing Tyler Kwon taking good care of Jessica on the plane, fetching her water and a blanket, and the two holding hands. Additionally, there are reports of people seeing the two shopping in Korea during Christmas time last year. Also according to WOW-TV, Jessica and Tyler Kwon’s relationship is already well-known among some Korean-American circles.

Despite such claims, SM Entertainment is currently denying that Jessica is dating Tyler Kwon, telling various news outlets that it checked with Jessica herself and have confirmed that the two are just friends. 


Photos of Jessica and Tyler Kwon have started to pop up on various online communities.

Jessica and Tyler Kwon at the Huading Award backstage

Jessica and Tyler Kwon at the Huading Award backstage

Jessica and Tyler Kwon spotted out and about shopping.

Reportedly Jessica and Tyler Kwon spotted out and about shopping.

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