Hong Dae Kwang Strips Down for a Change in New Album Teaser

2014-03-12 21:15:32 2014-03-12 21:15:32

Solo male singer Hong Dae Kwang has released a tantalizing new teaser for his upcoming album!

In the video clip released through his official Youtube Channel, singer Hong Dae Kwang is initially shown looking dapper in a clean-cut suit. Unexpectedly and in slow motion, the singer proceeds to strip out of his clothes, leaving viewers wondering where this is going- innocent or dirty? It doesn’t help that the Korean word  for “metamorphosis” is 변태, which also means “pervert” in Korean. The video uses the phrase “변태중” – meaning “in the process of metamorphosis- to describe what Hong Dae Kwang is doing.

Hong Dae Kwang’s new album  is the next part following his previous EP, “The Silver Lining Part 1.” Part 2 drops March 21.